The Best Travel Apps for iPhone to Download Before Travelling Abroad

During your journey your iPhone can be your good friend, and guide as a teacher. A lot of apps to plan your travel with family & friends and help you to find out the best air travel along with hotels and restaurants nearby at a cheap price when you are abroad. By using iPhone apps people will be able to access tickets, track of your flight status and luggage, translate into any language on the fly and track your travel. For vacations most people depended on their smartphones more than ever, not only for getting information but also for booking tickets for vacation. Some of the best travel apps for your iPhone which is given below.

Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Google Maps

This App will help you to search for the city your are travelling and download its maps for further offline use. There are some fantastic features of Google Maps includes traffic information, local outlets, landmark, nearby events and restaurants etc.


Its complex nature helpful to travel in a big city. And it is awarded for its complexity. Travel in metro city, there you  have to depend on public transport for moving from one place to another. Citymapper is here to provide details about the timings. Complete information about particular city.

Google translate

In today’s world language will no longer be a barrier in your travel beyond the country or within the country. It will help you 103  types of languages wherever you go at different places. Google translate is handy and easy to use along with its good features and functionality. This App offer 59 languages to translate in offline mode.


Skyscanner has done everything according to list of flights that will rely on your preferences, and you look for the discounts on  deals on hotels, car rents and more. Skyscanner app is transparent with no added fees. Customers are one-step away to search for planning your trips with the best deals available, i.e not getting heavy on customer pocket.


This App manage your itineraries, documents, rental car reservation, booking information, travel confirmation etc  everything at one place. After getting reservation this app provides all necessary information and driving directions at one place. Triplt also help in sharing your vacation plans with family and friends who is picking you up from the airport, or with colleagues who travel with you and anyone else who need to coordinate with you or know about your travel plans.


Kayak App provide information after comparing hundreds of travel sites on your iphone. Important features associated with this app like comparing flight prices and offers on hotels and car rents, tracking flight status, booking accommodation, managing your trip program, accessing airline number and information.


This App genuinely changed the traveling experience with its peculiar options for trip rentals and tourism plans. People search for a tourist destination places and book a flight to beautify and explore your trip. It carries a list of around 4 million trip home rentals of more than 190 countries. Multiple options to choose from list i.e fit  for your budget. Now large family can also enjoy the trip under one roof. You can ask your guide from the app for any help and support.


This App makes your work easy. It listed everything at one place according to your needs i.e depending on the destination place, like weather, traffic, the price of flight tickets, and  many other activities you might wallow in during your trip. This App has important feature available all necessary information at a place. And very efficient, you won’t forget anything essential needed for your trip.


TravelSpend works according to your budget. Due to this feature, it is called budgeting app. This helps to track your expenses from flight booking, cost of hotel, dining cost, car rents etc and upright to your budget.


Passport support for 194 countries by this app. And searches for airport information, health related information, VISA information, currency conversions and many more information important for you avail at one place. This is very fruitful app for individuals who travel internationally.

Google trips

If you are confused to travel alone. Here the App which help you to find a place where you go and help you in what to do? Google trips app to find places nearby you as well as managing your trip as per your plan and also help you to book flights, cabs, in one place. Save your time in finding your destination among options by offering discounts to travel around.


You can easily access your details about vacation at one place with any difficulty. The uses of these app are very easy and convenient for everyone. It consists of simple steps for searching your destination flight status, luggage information, hotels and restaurants easy to access its services through these above apps.

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